Dr. Busch

Dr. Busch

Thursday, October 31, 2013

One year later...

When it comes to blogs, I suck at it - I just realized it had been a year since my last post. To be fair I have been semi-consistently working a on a book that should be ready for distribution soon.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Waiting for the Sunrise...

It is 2 am and I get the elbow and the whisper, "Doug, I think I heard something downstairs, go check it out!" So you get up and wander through the house checking every nook and cranny of the house, checking the pulses of all four of your kids, waking a perfectly comfortable dog and get a glass of milk before going upstairs to report, 'all is well.' 'Did you check the...' Dang it! Back you go and when you return guess who's asleep, not I said the fly! So you lay down, get all comfy with the pillows just right and lay there... wide awake. You try to think calming thoughts, create dream situations, and then the worry box get's tripped over in your brain and you spill it out all over and as you attempt to put everything in the right perspective at 2:38 am, it hits you, 'You've been asleep for a few hours and try as you might, you are going to toss and turn for the next two to three hours unlil it's twenty minutes before your alarm goes off and when it goes off you will be miserable. Have you ever had this happen, I have it often, I think it is mostly due to my ADHD brain that once you turn it on, 'Holy Crap, can you shut this thing off?' So I fell asleep to a great show I have been recording and watching occassionaly, 'Great Men who shaped America' (Wouldn't it be such an honor to one day be on that show?) It was discussing Carneige, JP Morgan and got to Edison. I like Edison, as what I learned when I read a book about him many years ago, he napped. When they were up against a big problem, the others would work to try to get the answer, he had a cot and he would take a little nap, and usually wake with the answer. I wish I could do that through the day (actually I tried to take little naps over lunch hours one time and I was worthless for the rest of the day). What it taught me is when inspiration shows up you best awake to capture it because it will be gone if you don't. When I get these mornings with my mind awake and my body trying to asleep, I default to letting the mind win. Taking control of this, your thoughts & your mind, can be one of the greatest challanges I think I have ever faced, and those who know me personally know I have faced some pretty daunting challanges in my few decades on the planet. The old adage, 'it is darkest just before sunrise,' I think is crap. It makes us feel better that there is hope on the horizon, but it does nothing to get us up and pull ourselves up by the boot straps and imagine and pursue the hope that is before us. My absolute favorite time of the day is when you see that purple/pink glow on the horizon as dusk begins to shine it's light. It tells me that today is here how did you prepare for me, are you ready for me, I'm here what are you going to do with me today? This can overwhelm most of us, but with some taking our thoughts into captivity we can make this work to our advantage. Yesturday I felt as if I didn't accomplish much, but I did get to spend a couple extra hours with three kids who stayed home because they were 'sick.' It's amazing how they recover when they realize that if they don't go to school, the time out in trick or treating won't happen if they are ill. Today I choose to be faithful to this day. Yesturday is behind me, I can do nothing to change it, but I can do something to change today. I choose to be faithful to this hour that was set aside for the task at hand. I choose to be faithful in this moment as I won't get another on just like this. Many may feel simular, but as Mark Twain wrote, 'A man can't step in the same river twice, by the time he tries again both the man and the river have changed.' I want to spend the next few blogs focusing on how to decide what to focus on and what does it mean to be 'faithful in the moment' I have to give Rod Loy props for turning me on to this phrase. It is a great way of looking at things we face. Today I will decide what is most essential in my life, make a list of the most essential things in my life and next time we will discuss what to do with that list. I leave you with a quote Paul who wrote a letter to some friends in Corinth many years ago, 'Casting down imaginations, I take every thought into captivity and make it obiedient" Until next time...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's in a Day...

I was asked by a old friend today if I remember where I was sixteen years ago today. Once I thought for a moment, I remembered that it was the day we walked across the stage to to receive our diplomas to become official Doctors of Chiropractic. We stand on strong shoulders that persevered through adversity and attack to bring the absolute best system of health care delivery to the masses. I know that I may not be anything special, but have hundreds of testimonials and people who's lives were dramatically altered for the better because we removed the stress from the nervous system to let their body work the way it was designed to do.

I was introduced by a patient who is a professor at CSU-P to a fellow professor who is a nurse and she asked what kind of doctor I was when I told her she quickly responded, " Oh, I don't believe in Chiropractic." I responded, "that's funny I don't believe in nursing or gravity either." It made her stop and realize what an absurd statement she just made. I let her down easy, and helped her see I was a doctor based on science just like a nurse, physicist, MD, DO or even rocket scientist. Just because we don't understand it doesn't mean we should reject it before we understand it. So I was prepared for a can of worms to be released and asked, what had happened in her life to have so strongly hold such an opinion. (I was clear to say opinion as if this statement were based on the essentials of life or even the traditions that were established it may be worth an argument, but opinions are nothing more than our perceptions and should be discussed over coffee, never to loose a friend over:-) She shared that one of the medical doctors she worked with at one point in her career had a negative opinion of a chiropractor he knew, so openly shared this with his staff. So I asked what was his opinion based on, was it something professional, personal, etc.? She had no idea. So I asked so have you ever had any personal experience with Chiropractic or a Doctor of Chiropractic. She said she had none. (So she had based her strong opinion based on someone else's opinion and based on no real facts. So I asked if she had any health concerns that her system of health care was struggling to resolve. Well I get headaches just like everyone else. (No assumptions in that statement:-) Well I have treated hundreds of patients that either never have or no longer get headaches at all, what are you doing for it. She shared with me some pretty strong prescription medications and said the best they can do is make them not as bad. So I asked, well how does this affect your life, do you loose work or time with family as a result of these headaches? She said she looses the ability to go to her kids games, and has lost some time from work over the past couple months. So what if these get worse I inquired. Well, I could loose my job, she replied, miss out with my kids she added. Well what would life be like if they got better or even better went away completely? She perked up and said, that would be awesome, but then as quickly as she perked up, she withdrew to say, but that's not going to happen as I am doing all that can be done. Really I asked? What if there was a way to see if the cause of your pain could be identified, would you be interested?

And from a almost hostile nurse to a new patient in our clinic, from giving people the freedom to have opinions not judging them, but making them have to defend them; and when it is based on no real facts, be willing to alter that opinion when the reality is not what you had been perceiving it as being. She came in for an evaluation, and has already seen a significant reduction in her headache frequency and severity.

Who does this story make you think of? Who has been holding on to inaccurate opinions of the world or whether there is hope for them and their health concerns? Send them to this blog, have them research our blog or website and who knows you may change a life forever because you cared enough to tell them the truth.

Until next time...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Free PI Special Report

Here’s The FREE REPORT You Requested!…
“Discover What Most Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know About Hidden Car Accident Injuries And How To Protect Your Rights Before It’s Too Late!”

In This Insider’s Report We Will Reveal:
How Hidden Car Accident Injuries Can Cause Arthritis.
How Even Minor Injuries Should Get Evaluated.
Why Prescribed Pain Relief Medication May Make Your Condition Worse!
The Importance Of Documenting Your Injuries Immediately So That You Get The Settlement You May Deserve!

WARNING: Hidden injuries are sneaky, potentially debilitating, and will strike millions of Americans this year…and due to ignorance and/or inappropriate care, many car accident victims will suffer for the rest of their lives! That’s the bad news. The good news is that there is help available to you that ensures that the insurance companies know what you’ve been going through and your rights are protected. So keep reading the report to find out the well-hidden truth you won’t find anywhere else!

Dear Accident Victim,

Reading this free report may be the most important thing you've done all year. Why? Because finally someone is revealing the shocking truth about car accident injuries many insurance companies don't want you to know. The information in this free report is vital if you want to avoid years of pain, suffering, and misery. So slowly read this report from beginning to end!

Let’s get started…

Every day, thousands of Americans are involved in auto accidents and they aren't lucky enough to have this information in front of them. As a result, they either receive inappropriate care for their injuries or never get their injury diagnosed properly, and often settle their case too soon.

Don't Talk Or Speak To ANYONE About Your Case Until

You Finish Reading This FREE REPORT!

Most insurance adjusters know all about the kind of injuries people like you and me can experience in an accident. They know sometimes you don’t feel injured right away and that’s why they try to settle as quickly as possible while your medical bills are low or non-existent. They’d rather see you in pain after you settle with you picking up the tab for your own treatment.

This Can Happen Even If It’s Your Own
Insurance Company You're Dealing With!

Make no mistake, insurance is a business like any other, and the less they spend on appropriate care, the more money they make their shareholders.

Even if you were involved in a minor fender bender, studies have proven you could suffer from a severe injury that isn't easily noticeable.

You can be severely injured and only feel a little or no pain at all after the accident. Your doctor can easily miss this and mistake your pain for something completely different. This is when insurance companies try to settle with you. Don't make this mistake! Until a recognized and reputable doctor who has experience with low impact, soft tissue injuries says you are 100% okay, don't make the decision to settle too soon!

What MOST Doctors Don't Know About
Hidden Injuries CAN Financially And Physically Hurt You!

See, after any accident, it’s advisable to visit the emergency room to make sure you don’t suffer from any life-threatening injuries like broken bones, a punctured lung, or internal bleeding. This is what emergency room doctors specialize in.

But the problem is that as long as there’s no immediate threat to your life, the emergency room physician is likely to send you along on your way with pain medication to mask the pain.

And here’s the problem with only taking pain medication after your accident…

Soft tissues like muscles, ligaments, discs, nerves and blood vessels need oxygen. They also need to function and move properly.

When you only take pain relief and/or anti-inflammatory medication, scar tissue and adhesions can form limiting the proper motion needed for healthy nerve and blood flow.

Scar tissue is also a substandard tissue that can turn into its own source of pain - causing a number of chronic pains, symptoms and syndromes!

The Problem Is That Soft Tissue Injuries
Are NOT Always Visible On X-Rays

That’s why most doctors don’t have the training to detect soft tissue injuries…they over-rely on vital signs, x-rays, and the pain described by the patient!

Since many doctors can't detect your injury, they make the wrong diagnosis about what's wrong with you. So any treatments you get based on this diagnosis will do practically nothing for you!

The treatment of choice for medical doctors, like your family doctor, is to use drugs to cover up your symptoms (in your case, the biggest symptom is pain) so you don't feel injured anymore. This form of treatment only gives you the illusion that you're okay, when really you can be seriously injured and not know it.

So, If You Are Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms,
You May Be Suffering From A Hidden Or
Soft Tissue Injury…

• Muscle Stiffness
• Spasms
• Neck Pain
• Headaches
• Numbness And Tingling
• Mid-Back Pain
• Low Back Pain
• Difficulty Sleeping
• Irritability
• Memory Loss
• Fatigue
• Difficulty Concentrating

Or worse yet, you may be feeling none of these right now because your injury hasn’t started producing these symptoms yet.

The Shocking Truth About Using Pain Relievers,
Physical Therapy, And Surgery To Get Rid Of YOUR Pain!

Let’s assume you are experiencing some neck pain. How will your doctor attempt to treat you? Well, rather than go after the cause of the problem he or she can’t find (your doctor will never admit they

don't know what they're doing), he or she’s going to attempt to cover up your pain with over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and other, more powerful pain relievers.

These drugs only work by sabotaging your body’s ability to register pain. They do absolutely nothing to fix the problem causing the pain. So, while these drugs are sweeping the dirt under the rug, you’re giving the illusion you’re actually okay. This is dangerous.


1. Accident victims on pain medication are more likely to settle their case. The insurance companies use this to their advantage so don’t make hasty decisions while on pain relief medication. It may come back to haunt you later.

2. Usually under pain relief medication, you are more likely to worsen your injury! Your body’s way of telling you that you are making things worse is pain and, if you do not feel the pain, you may be aggravating your injury and not even know it! Ever have a sprained ankle? What happens if you keep walking on it rather than sit it out for a few days? It hurts more and more. And why? Because you’re making it worse!

The same is true for these hidden injuries in your neck and back. Yes, you read that correctly! Your doctor who means well and wants you pain-free, may be hurting you by giving you seemingly harmless drugs!

That's not to mention the side effects of using these drugs. You see, the bodily functions these drugs are blocking to hide your pain also have other functions in the body. Depending on the drug, you may run into serious kidney, stomach, or liver problems as a result of popping these drugs just to get through a day of work.

The next step doctors will rely on once their initial treatments fail is to refer you to a physical therapist.

The only problem here is the physical therapist is told what to do by your doctor. This means whatever therapy you undergo is designed to treat the problem your doctor thinks you have, when really it may be something totally different.

So, after this charade, it’s no coincidence most people with ‘hidden’ injuries are still in pain and may even feel worse!

At this point, you are either sent back to therapy to try another treatment that odds are won’t work because the person directing the

treatment, your doctor, never diagnosed your problem correctly. Or, he may recommend you see a surgeon about your problem.

Now, it’s true that surgery is an extremely drastic treatment for these sorts of injuries, but if a surgeon doesn’t know what to go after, you’re probably not going to come out of the operating room fixed.

Oftentimes surgeries, especially in the neck and back, will only result in a short period of pain relief, at best. More than half of all back surgeries will never get you out of complete pain.

Plus, there’s the added risk of infection and anesthesia problems, not to mention other side effects that aren’t too uncommon when it comes to cutting a body open…like missed time off work and reduced living for weeks or months at a time. Do you really think surgery is even an option you should consider especially since your doctor may not have the whole picture?

Discover RIGHT NOW If You Suffer From
A Hidden Injury!

Hidden injuries are extremely serious problems. Unfortunately, medical science is under-trained and unequipped to diagnose and treat them with any measure of success. This is a giant health care problem in this country, considering 20 million people have suffered from a hidden injury.

The sooner you find out you have a hidden injury, the sooner you can start a treatment plan to get rid of it and get you out of pain as soon as possible. Wouldn't it be nice to finally be pain-free and living your life the same way you did before the accident ever happened?

Well, if you do find out that you do suffer from a hidden injury, then this can be your reality. Imagine being pain-free without pills, or painful and repetitive physical therapy, or even the thought of surgery.

Isn't that nice? Wouldn't you rather be healthy and alive once again, rather than living life only one pill away from endless pain, misery, and frustration? Aren't you tired of going to your doctor again and again, and never getting better?

You see, your doctor may know there are better treatments out there available to you, but they also know if they tell you that, you may never come back to see them!

I Have Over 255 Post-Graduate Hours Getting Auto Accident Victims
Out Of Pain Safely And Effectively Without Drugs Or Surgery!

My name is Dr. J. Douglas Busch, Clinic Director of Club Manor Accident & Injury Centers here in Pueblo, CO.

I've spent years fighting for the rights of auto accident victims just like you. In fact, that's why I wrote this FREE report. I'm sick and tired of car accident victims going through years of pain and misery all because no one ever bothered to tell them their rights and the truth about their injuries.

I've used my drug and surgery-free method to help auto accident victims just like you out of pain as quickly and easily as possible. I've been able to help almost everyone who I've diagnosed with a hidden injury.

In fact, I’ve been so successful and happy with helping people just like you get out of pain, I’ve focused a majority of my practice and skills at getting auto accident victims out of pain and keeping them that way! There’s nothing that pleases me more than helping car accident victims just like you.

That’s why I mailed you this FREE report. I want you to know the truth about car accidents almost everyone out there doesn’t seem to want you to know. I know I can help you.

What Is A Screening Test? Why Is This
One Of The Best Ways To Detect Hidden Injuries?

If you respond by the date stamped in red on the pink form that came with this report, then you are eligible for an accident injury evaluation to see if you suffer from a hidden injury.

The equipment I’ll be using to help me with the test is called a Neurocolometer Unit (NCM). What it does is measure neuro-muscular activity in your back to determine if you have a structural injury in your back and/or neck that’s causing your muscles to not work properly.

The test itself is quick, easy, and painless. (It takes about three minutes and doesn't require you to get undressed or anything.) In fact, the only reason I have it in my practice is because it’s so perfect for doing this one job. When the test is done, I’ll give you a report of exactly where I think your problem(s) are.

You can take your report home with you and I’ll even keep it on file in my office for seven years in case you need a copy.)

What’s important is that you document your injuries now! Because not doing so may make any injuries you have get worse and they will become more difficult to treat down the road (meaning keeping you in pain longer), and it may also hurt your personal injury case if you decide to pursue legal counsel.

If you’d like, after the test, we can schedule a time convenient for you to come in for a more thorough evaluation to pinpoint exactly where your injury is. Then, I will prepare a Recommended Action Plan for getting you out of pain as quickly and easily as possible, without using drugs and surgery that doesn’t work.

Even if you feel okay right now, if you were in an accident, you still run a high risk of suffering from a hidden injury. It’s best to play it safe now and get checked out to make sure you really are okay.

The slightest injury, even one that you don’t feel right now, may lead to a terrible condition down the road called ‘osteoarthritis.’ While it is possible to treat it, it takes a long time, and sometimes is impossible to cure 100%. Worse yet, you may have to foot the bill! And all because someone hit you 20 years before!

Call By The Date Stamped In RED To
Schedule Your FREE Screening Test!

While this is still fresh in your mind, call my office at
719-544-7744 and pick a time convenient for you to come in for your accident injury evaluation. If you’re calling after the office closes for the day, leave a message and a number we can reach you at tomorrow, and one of my assistants will call you then.

Your accident’s been a big enough hassle already, from getting your car fixed, to dealing with your insurance adjuster. That’s why we’re dedicated to working around your schedule so you can go about living your life on your terms.

If your test turns up positive, and you are suffering from a hidden injury, then we recommend you consider getting a lawyer to represent your case. Choosing a good, qualified lawyer is extremely difficult and, if you’d like, we’ll even give you a list of attorneys to choose from.

Whatever you decide to do, remember, you need to document your injuries as soon as possible in order to get the care you may need and the settlement you may deserve, and to do that, you need to be checked out by a doctor with the training and experience to diagnose and treat the hidden injuries we've talked about in this report.

If you weren't alone in the vehicle, the other passengers in the car also have the option to come in for a FREE Screening Test. Just give the office a call. We will be happy to schedule a FREE evaluation for them as well just to make sure everyone is really okay.

If children were in your car, it’s vital they are evaluated to ensure their bodies are in good working order and are not subjected to unnecessary pain, suffering, or physical problems later in life. Don’t worry, if we do detect an injury, our care is both safe and effective for children of all ages.

I hope you’ve benefited from discovering the truth about Hidden Car Accident Injuries - the same truth many people out there don’t want you to know. Remember, you have until the date stamped in red to respond to my offer and, if you’re planning on seeking legal representation, the sooner you document your injuries, the better your case will turn out.


Dr. J. Douglas Busch

P.S. – Don’t forget, many doctors are not trained to diagnose and treat hidden car accident injuries. So, if you DO suffer from a hidden injury, almost any treatment your doctor is giving you may be ineffective and may even be harmful to you!

P.P.S. – You need to document your injuries as quickly as possible for two reasons: (1) It will help your legal case if you choose to go that route, and (2) The quicker an injury is diagnosed, the less severe it will be, and the easier it will be to treat. That means you’ll be out of pain faster and back to living your life the way it was before the accident.

Weight Loss, Health Gain Revolution...

What is the most made and most often broken resolution every year? That’s right weight loss. When I first started teaching at CSU-Pueblo many years ago, the state of Colorado had lost the “Healthiest State of the Union” title and it was mostly for one county. That’s right Pueblo County and it was for the Obesity and Diabetes out of control. We regained the title, but I think it’s mostly because the rest of the country got even worse. We are going to start a revolution to take back the negative reputation of this great place we live. We get the butt-end of most jokes and I need you to help this come to a close. Starting January 11th on Tuesday nights at 6 pm, we are starting a weight loss & health gain revolution. This is NOT one of this give up the one thing you love for short-term gains, this is using proven techniques and guidelines that even the most unfocused person can see great changes in their health. This is a free seminar that will happen monthly with smaller groups meeting more frequently for encouragement so we can take control of the one thing that eludes us, seeing that 6-pack in our mid-section. You can reserve your seat by calling the clinic’s main #544-7744 or e-mail frontdesk@cmclinic.net. It is worth it to you and your loved ones for you and friend to be there!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Heathcare Costs & Offense!

You have heard for months about the rising cost of health care, well it should be clarified and given to us in realistic terms. My daughter had an ER visit that I was sent a $7500 bill and my wife had a 24 hour hospital stay and the tests she was put in to have done was canceled at the last minute and sent home told to take a medication which had nothing to do with her condition, so I know I won't get a refund on the day wasted and the most expensive hotel on the planet. Let me give you some real looks at where costs for us all can be saved.

In 2009, Russo, Weir, and Elixhauser in their peer reviewed article stated that people 55-64 years of age, 3.9 hospitalizations of every 1000 people was for lower back pain. It was actually ranked as #8 as the reason for hospital admissions for this age range. Number 2 is osteoarthritis which is treatable and preventable with the use of Chiropractic care and is only covered up with the use of medications.

In a similar study by Leoretta in 2004 compared 1.7 million insured patients looking for treatment for lower back pain. In the outcome it was revealed that when chiropractic care was pursued the treatment cost was reduced by 28%, hospitalizations were reduced 41%, back surgery reduced 32%, and diagnostic imaging such as MRI, CT scans, etc. were reduced by 37%. So how did it help? Well 95% of these people said they were satisfied with their treatment. When was the last time an MD or a hospital had that kind of success record? Putting this together in real money, if people would use chiropractic as their first option for back pain, it would save the US health care system $28 BILLION EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

So why isn't this the case? It is similar to the search for the cure for cancer, there isn't one, there is a search for more profitable and effective treatments for cancer, not a cure. When you look at insurance companies hiring more risk managers are working full-time to deny or limit care in Chiropractic, but spending Billions on care which is often unnecessary and more often ineffective.

As we look to improve our health in 2011, remember the definition of Insanity, doing the same thing you have always done and expect different results. We keep going to the drug & surgery pushing Medical and Osteopathic Doctors who's best treatment is only 38-45% effective, where Chiropractic has been documented to be over 70% effective and more commonly 86%. If a patient comes to our clinic and thousands like it across the country, they are evaluated to see if they are a Chiropractic case that if accepted can be helped. We also get lots of cases that I know soon into the consultation that this is a condition that medicine would be more effective, they are promptly referred to a competent MD for evaluation. This unfortunately is not the case in most medical clinics, they think they have a treatment for everything. So according to the a study by the Dean of Pharmacology at the University of Arizona concluded that 40-60% of all prescriptions are written off-label. This means that we have already tried Bottle "A, B, & C" with no results so lets try Bottle "D" which may not have even been tested for efficacy to the condition you have, but you demand a treatment even if it is the wrong one or the one that will kill you. This is since over 110,000 people die every year for taking the right drug for the right problem, these are all "on-label" prescriptions. A couple years ago it was reported that we spent $74 Billion dollars on primary use medication. We spent an additional $76 Billion dollars to treat the side-effects of the drugs used in the first $74 Billion. This is just another definition of insanity and it is disguised as normal in the world...

...Look to chiropractic care first, for nearly every problem you have, what you will find, that if the cause of the problem can be identified and removed the problem is gone. Opposed to the patients that tell me they don't have stomach problems anymore because they take the "purple pill." I say, well if it's cured, then stop taking it and see how your stomach problem comes back. We are just covering up the problems and not working to correct the cause and thus we are ranked dead last among the 37 industrialized nations. Let's be smart with our money, restore sanity to health care and schedule your evaluation today, waiting is just covering up the oil light on the dashboard of the car "hoping it will go away."

Until next time...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Patient Appreciation Days - Nov 2nd & 4th

This is probably some of my favorite times of the year. With the exception of the shorter days and lack of adequate sunshine for a boy who grew-up in Phoenix, the expression of charity and gratitude is unlike any other time of the year. On November 2nd, we have a special day set aside for our existing patient base, where for this one day they can come in for a completely no-charge treatment, just for our way of saying Thank you entrusting us with health of your family. We will be collecting things that will be beneficial to all the men and women in our military who are deployed with some comforts of home.

Here is just a small list of the the encouraged donation of $5-10 worth of the following:

Individual Powdered Drink Mixes
Chewing Gum Soap
DVD’s Movies Shampoo
Hand-held games For Females:
Clean-n-go Wipes Body Sprays
Shaving cream Hygiene wipes
Shaving Razors Long-distance Calling Cards
Deodorant Beef Jerky
Toothpaste Little Debbie snacks
Noxzema Wipes Cash Donations will be used for gift card & shipping
Air Fresheners *Please nothing that crumbles, or melts as it will be a mess by
the time it gets half-way around the world.

This is also a great opportunity for those who have never experienced the health giving effects for Brain-based therapy for chronic pain and/or chiropractic care from babies to seniors. For the same donation for our troops, we will provide at no charge a thorough consultation, a complete examination, x-rays if indicated and a report of findings. And they will always have our pledge we have given for 14+ years, "If we can help them we will tell them; if we can't we will tell them that too & let them know who can!"

If you have someone you know and care for who is serving overseas, please join us as we improve the health of our community and the morale of our fighting men and women. You can't ask for a better win/win situation